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What makes you blush?

Being teased, mocked, reprimanded. And lying. I cannot utter a lie, without my face betraying me.

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How can advise a friend to wear the hijab?

Sometimes, all someone needs is to see you comfortable in it, and confident. In my opinion, that works 100x better than lectures.

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Pale skin or tanned skin?

It really doesn't matter, as long as isn't a fake orange.

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What was the last TV show you watched?

Gilmore Girls.......and now I don't know what to do with my life.:')

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Taylor Swift or Rihanna?


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Who do you want to win Trump or Hillary?

Neither. They need to magically disappear into thin air.

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Why wine was allowed in Islam?

It's a wise approach; Allah did so in His wisdom and knowledge of human nature -- quitting cold turkey would be difficult as it was so ingrained in society at the time.

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I'm not Muslim, what's the main purpose of fasting and not eating?

To feel the suffering and plight of the less fortunate, & be grateful for our blessings.

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I need your advice there's a guy in college I really like, he's on Twitter too posting religious stuff and it made me fall in love with him, I can't stop thinking of him. I haven't acted on anything, I have become obsessed and he doesn't know it and I don't know what to do

Hmm..I've had very bad experience with the 'religious online' type, lil2asaf eshadeed..the most difficult lessons I had to learn in life, actually. So all I would do, is caution you against them. Some actually use Deen as a shield to get away with what they otherwise couldn't get away with. Now I'm not saying this is what all religious guys are like - only Allah knows what's in their hearts - but when it comes to feelings and all THAT jazz - I'd not go down that lane. Main reason being, once someone uses Deen to betray you, Eblees makes it VERY easy for you to go astray. VERY, VERY easy - causes your Faith to dwindle.

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Do you agree that good things come to those who wait?


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what should I do if I again miss the person who broke my heart and opened my wounds. or is it just 4 AM thoughts please tell me I don't miss him

You don't miss him; if anything, you miss the way he used to make you feel. Remind yourself of the wound he left you with, rather of the sweet things he said and did..because this is all Eblees' ways of trying to keep us in 7aram.
He does the opposite when it comes to marriage, btw. He makes you focus on everything bad your spouse has done, & you literally have to force yourself to think of the good. That's because marriage is the most loathesome relationship in his sight, as it's the most beloved in Allah's.

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Have you ever become best friends / close to someone who was your enemy or you didn't like or you used to constantly fight? Do you generally think people who are alike constantly head butt?

Yes, and no.

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I feel so crappy tonight, I have been a sinner, I know I'm sinning but I can't stop, I know this might sound lame but it's truth, I feel like I'm drowned in sins

Don't feel crappy about it; the realization is a blessing in disguise, because now that you know it, you can seek Allah's forgiveness, & start with a clean slate all over again.

We're all sinners; the only difference between us is some choose to turn a blind eye, & continue sinning..whereas others sin, then repent. And don't forget, the best kind in the sight of Allah are those sinners who seek repentance.

Don't let Eblees fool you into believing that you're not worthy of Allah's Mercy, because of your sins. No matter what you do, Allah will always forgive you, if you turn to Him with sincerity.

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Why did you stop answering questions:( I miss your answers

I don't have any to answer.😅

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What are you good at that nobody knows?

Lawyering up and confrontations. BS doesn't get past me, & I acquired this knack in a perilous way.

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Finish the sentence: Never have I ever...

spent on myself like I spend on my kids.

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Why does the forbidden fruit always taste the sweetest?

Human nature: we always want what we can't have.

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Pls answer this, I have a friend who self harm, how can I help her, I want her to stop, she's not doing it for attention, I accidentally found about it

Find out the cause, & tell her to resort to a safer form of therapy, like writing/painting/coloring, etc..for instance. Not only is it impermissible in Islam, nothing in this world is worth doing damage to onesself..and I say that after 'being there, & having done that'.

However, lecturing her on right and wrong at this point will only push her towards it even more, so stick to suggesting a healthier alternative.

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Which worries you more – doing things right or doing the right things?

Everything worries me, as I'm a worry-wart.

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I always pray isrikhara, I've seen no good marriages, I know they exist but I've never seen them in practice. Plus ppl who bring info are always mentioning the negatives alone

It's easier to talk about the negative because talking positively about one's marriage is a sureshot to exposing oneself to the evil eye and jealousy. The negatives act as a shield of some sort, believe it or not. Or at least, I feel like they do..no one knows the real deal, & it's best to keep a marriage that way!

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I don't even get passed the initial agreement stage then I panic and reject that poor person which often lasts for 10 days I don't know how to settle

On what basis do you usually find yourself rejecting the proposals? Is it because you've seen hellish marriages all around you, & you're scared of ending up in one yourself?

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I need advice, every time I go through with a wedding proposal it ends up in a disaster that I don't want to try anymore. I want to start a family but it seems not meant to be. What should I do ?

Do you pray isti5ara whenever there's a proposal? That should be your first step; Eblees will obviously try to put up obstacles in your way to make things 7alal. It is after all..the worst relationship in his sight, as it is the most beloved to Allah.

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Hey Um3was, Can I ask for a website or a book that helped you with your IELTS? I really need a high score to keep my job. P.S : You are amazing, I have to check your Twitter account every night. Keep up whatever you are doing ❤️

You know when you register, you get access to this 'Road to IELTS' practice deal - do those practice tests. I went crazy doing practice tests, especially for the reading module, & al7mdlla I scored a 9. You need to practice listening as well, because it can get tricky!

I had food poisoning the day of the test, so I got a dodgy 8..because even though I tried to follow along, I suck at directions..and this listening test had a map..my worst nemesis.

I have a whole folder containing practice tests; I suppose the only way to share it would be Google Drive? DM me if you're interested - Bu3awas downloaded it from somewhere..basically several books of practice tests + their answer keys!

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i recently got engaged and all i've been feeling is anxiety...! i'm so insecure about my body, it's full of stretchmarks & i'm not perfect at alllll! i'm scared that my husband won't accept me for who i am. Help/Advice?

Your fiance isn't marrying you for your looks, I'm pretty sure of that..after all, looks don't last. It is cliché, but it's the personality that one falls for, after marriage..and THAT is what keeps the flame of love burning.

You might be surprised to know your fiance also has insecurities pertaining to what he deems his flaws, be they related to his physique or personality. At the end of the day, no one cares about stretch marks or love handles - it's all about the support and care you have for each other.

I admit I still shy away because of the beached whale I've become after pregnancy, but that really doesn't stop Bu3awas from complimenting me, and it certainly hasn't lessened the love.

Marriage is a lot more than just about a physical relationship; rest assured, as long as there's mutual sacrifice and compromise, it will work. You could iron out those stretch marks, have washboard flat abs, & a perky rack..yet if you're lacking in support and care, I can promise you..the marriage would fail. And I've witnessed it with my own eyes, unfortunately.

Commitment..that's what marriage is. It's going to hell and back..TOGETHER. It's enjoying the ups, & riding out the downs..TOGETHER. You're so worried about your bodily imperfections? Dim the lights, & I promise you..he won't even notice.

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Have you ever broken up with a friend?

Ah yes, when things got clingy...and 'beyond friends-like'.

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