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I did pray isti5ara and I dreamt something wonderful and plus I feel like I just got closer to the guy. The only reason why they said no is because our traditions literally. he's arab and I'm 3eemi. My father looked him up and said he's an amazing guy he's just araby. which doesn't make sense to me

Like I said, if it's meant to be..nothing will stand btwn you two, let alone racial differences. If the guy is persistent enough, maybe he might just be able to change your parents' mind.

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hi there, I apologize for sending you this long message, I am trying to seek for help and I can't seem to find anyone to give me an advice. Last year a man came to propose to me, I wanted to marry the guy but my parents said no due to different traditions and so on. after my parents said no few ...

My reply - as always- would be to pray isti5ara. If it's meant to be, nothing will keep you apart. Sand if it isn't, you will find someone best suited for you.
What were your parents' concerns pertaining to the refusal? Parents want the best for us, so they might have picked up on something you missed out, 'love is blind'.
It's possible you don't see his flaws, because you obviously don't want to believe anything could be wrong with a prospective spouse.
I pray that you find peace and happiness in whoever Allah has chosen for you to be with.❤

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