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Do you agree that one cannot judge a book by its cover?

stunningali’s Profile PhotoAli Muhammad
Yes. U never know what somebody is going through.
As somebody with a mental illness, I know u can smile nd pretend, but that only masks the pain. There r good days and bad days for everybody. U don’t always see what’s inside from looking at the surface. Think of an iceberg.

Any advice?☺️

Areebkhawar’s Profile PhotoAreeb Dar
Feel ur feelings and move on if something hurts, don’t push it away don’t wallow in it either. The feeling is real and if it hurts it’s because it mattered to u. Once you’ve felt it let it go.It isn’t thefeelings of hurt or anger or sadness that cause the problem it’s holding on to them, never to let them go those vibrations get stuck in the very cells of ur body, leading to sickness or depression. Don’t do that to urself.??


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