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Any advice?☺️

Areeb Khawar Dar
Feel ur feelings and move on if something hurts, don’t push it away don’t wallow in it either. The feeling is real and if it hurts it’s because it mattered to u. Once you’ve felt it let it go.It isn’t thefeelings of hurt or anger or sadness that cause the problem it’s holding on to them, never to let them go those vibrations get stuck in the very cells of ur body, leading to sickness or depression. Don’t do that to urself.👌🏻

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Random thoughts 💫🌸

“I can't live without u” is just a lie i think. There is no one on this earth without whom we can't live. The only difference that occurs after losing that person is that we can't be the same person again we cannot love the same again we cannot live to the fullest again we just have lost a part of ourself with that loss, that loss has left a scar on u nd you've to live with it. You cannot be that much happy again, u can't deal with other people the same. 🥀💔

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Something You realised recently? 🤔

In our childhood we used to hear the question “whom do you love the most,mom or dad?”. Obviously we would have said “Both”. I too did that just for the sake of saying something eve if it was not so.
Now when I’m grown up I realise that I love my mom more than I love my dad. When mom is not at home even for one day I feel that vacuum. It may be same with the absense of my dad but I haven’t felt the same about father because till i was about 20 years old we barely spoke. We spoke each other about serious issues only. About money, about family,life etc.
Today I was simply sitting in my room and was thinking about my parents. I realised that I have a strong attachment with my dad also. Whenever I talk with my friends or colleagues while talking about my family I have never spoke even a word about my mom. But I talk a lot about my dad. How he raised me and his perspective about life, how he taught us the value of time, what it means to be a man of your word, everything. But I never spoke those things intentionally. Those things are blended with me. I started realising the influence he had made over my life.
In a simple way I sarted feeling proud to be his son.👌

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