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Kese pata chalta hai k ap ko kisi se pyar hai ya attraction hai sirf? I really love someone but i am not sure if this is love

Love is understanding that the final person won't be perfect and still accepting him. Infatuation, however, is the acknowledgement that you don't really know that person entirely but you are attracted to what you have seen in him to a certain degree, without the condition of accepting his flaws. Love is strong, deep rooted, and peaceful. Infatuation is sudden, and obsessive.
Can you wipe their ass in future if needed and expect them to wipe yours if the need be?

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Kia karun ab chordun ussko?

Chor to na do. Thora waqt do, kbhi kbhi waqti tanao hota hai, halat waqiyat, aur bht saray factors... lekin bs ye khyal rhe k apni self worth pe compromise na kijye ga... theek hona hua to hojae ga kuch waqt me aur agar na hona hua to daleelen, minaten aur tmam bheek be faida hogi.

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+8 answers in: “Im engaged for 2 yrs but now i have started to feel tht my fiance dont love me there is something missing nw.. what to do?”

Is free will real or just an illusion?

سیدہ زہرہ زیدی۔
If you are talking about considering it a mere cognitive control, then yes, free will is real. The sense of control that we seem to have on our selves is a relation which is adequate for our moral responsibility and voluntarism. The personal decisions - major as well as minor ones - that you make on daily basis are completely in your control. However, what makes it confusing is the experiences that are not in your control, for instance the impact of other people's decision on your life. I'd like to think that our life/path is just an outcome of both our own decisions and the external influences which are far beyond our control.

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Why's that we talk to a person for the first time n it feel like we know them for ages?

I believe that every person releases an energy at a certain (distinct) frequency, themselves being the source of that energy. It is simply a matter of resonance with their frequency. Or maybe your ancestors hunted deer together and this is now that old bond reigniting via your genetic memory lol.

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Everything in childhood was so magical. Even people. Almost every person i used to idealised turned out to be below average or somehow disappinted me. Wonder why?!

It's just that you overvalued them based upon your lack of experience, and the difference between your overestimation and their actual potential got you somewhat disappointed. On the contrary, (even if those people still are as awesome as they were), as you grow older your ideals change, and the parameters on which you weigh a person's caliber considerably rise, as a consequence to which the construction of those so-called ideals changes in your mind.

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