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I would, sometimes. But then if I ever really saw them going through it I'd feel bad for them.

No, I'm not actually talking about being particularly vindictive and to wish for them similar intensity of pain; however, I do wish that they know what they have done and they know the amount of pain they've put me into, not necessarily by them suffering through the same pain.

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Why are so many people depressed nowadays?

Because, they are not self-sufficient. They rely onto others for their own happiness; which is, in actuality, similar to giving your own happiness in the hands of others.
This results in development of expectations and, if you will, you may call it trust. Now when those people cast your happiness into the wind, and break your trust, and spoil your expectations you'd feel depressed too, would you not?

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toh bhai kia kya jaye if we live with them 24/7? like im still stuck in the the happy time we spent together...what do i do now if they ignore me n seem less interested? Cant leave them

I wouldn't feed you with any false hope because most probably you wouldn't have them in the way you had them before. But my opinion is general for I don't have any knowledge about your relation and current situation. All I can say is on behalf of what usually is happening nowadays.
You are investing/wasting your present to revive the past or to relive it, you might have a hope that they may get back to how they were in the start but do you feel there is any possibility? (As of general it doesn't work that way)
Now if you want to move on, best way is to burn the bridges, set your lingering hopes to fire and decide, once for all, that you can make yourself happy. You don't need anyone for your happiness, make yourself self-sufficient and there is a thing called "Self-Love". Stop relying on him or her, put your hopes about him/her to flight.
And I don't get this "24/7" thingy, is he/she your friend or spouse?

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because our expectation remain the same from them.. we expect same from them.. we expect to be treated the same way they used to treat us.. but now when things r changed it hurts.. pls explain in detail

Look, throughout the course of your life, you will meet various kinds of people approaching you. A few who would be seemingly very honest, very caring and very genuine and a few quite otherwise.
Now the former kind of people can be further divided into two types which are: people who are actually honest and caring; and the people who are deliberately faking it or feigning it on purpose and their purpose could either be physical or mental satisfaction/pleasure. They will find you interesting, they will give you adequate care, support, time and love as long as they have some need that you might be in position to fulfill. Now as soon as they acquire their mental or physical satisfaction they may find you of no avail any longer so they will most obviously avoid you; perhaps to keep you away and perhaps keeping in touch with you has no benefits for them anymore.
However, the people who actual love would never avoid you if even they are stuck in very busy schedules, they will keep it touch, keep you updated as soon as they could. Their care will never fade away with time, instead it will grow over time since your mutual bond requires a fuel and that fuel is: care, love and time.
And also I must not forget the people who are a confused kind, they are not faking things on intent, they do feel in actuality that they care for you but as the time passes they lose their interest so they simply back off.

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