Ask @umedyn:

If you were in charge, who would be the next US president (any person)?

Easy, I truly think Bernie Sanders has the drive and the message that would have brought us into a social golden age. Why Sanders when I could pick anyone? Personally I would have picked George Carlin, but that amazing man is long gone, but never forgotten, he used truth in comedy to reveal to us what the system was doing. Then why Sanders? Because in over his 40 years of public service, he has never altered his message of love and tolerance once. You could watch a speech he gave in 1991, and again in this year, and it would be the same thing, to treat everyone with fairness and respect. This man is truly an icon to uphold.

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Which are you: very fun or just immature? What's the difference?

I'd say I'm fun, I would say that I'm mature, and there has been a lot of things happen in my life that has forced me to mature, so I'll just say fun.
The difference between being fun and being immature, is that fun people know that goofing off is important to not being an asshole, people who are immature may still goof off, the difference is that they are an asshole.

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Name a problem leaders in your country should solve?

Bombshell question if your a Bernie supporter, like I am. I'll make a short list of the things I think should be fixed:
1) Money out of politics, we need fair elections.
2) Psychological tests for anyone wanting to buy a gun, you should prove your competent enough to have one.
3) We need to bring industry back to the country, either by incentives or tariffs.
4) Elimination of "Dark Money" projects and superpacs
5) Elimination of Electronic ballot machines, like most of Europe. These are easily hack-able and corruptible.
6) True rights for everyone, including blanket federal anti-discrimination laws.
7) Free higher education. We had it before the 60s, we need to bring it back.
8) Free healthcare. Firefighters are free. Why should our stuff get free protection from fire when our bodies can't?
9) Elections (primaries and general) Should be run by a third party non-partisan group of vetted ethical people.
I support all these ideas and more, and would be happy to debate and make my case on all of them anytime!

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Would you be happy without money?

If we didn't need money to survive? Then yes, I wouldn't mind it, I often like the games with barter systems than those with just sell and buy types of trading (Morrowind, Fallout, Arcanum, etc) We don't NEED money to live happy, it's just that money has been pushed as an arbitrary item that has some kind of value that we all must buy into. Bottlecaps are just as good as dollars in that reasoning.

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What is something you like seeing bloggers do? What is something you don't like seeing bloggers do? What do you wish bloggers would do more?

I have a lot of opinions about this topic... I like to see bloggers post original material. Self made stories, poems, art and essays are some of the things I love to see. Something that has their own thoughts and opinions.
That ties into something I don't like. I'm not a fan of reblogging things. I'm not totally against that, it's just that I have a different viewpoint of things like blogs and things like twitter. I'll retweet stuff I think is funny, or that I like, but I only use my blog for original content. That doesn't mean that others who think someone makes a strong point and want their followers to see it shouldn't reblog it, but the one reason I dislike Tumblr is that it seems that EVERYONE just seems to reblog someone else's material.
The one thing I wish bloggers would do more is what I like to see, original content that shows off their skills and abilities. I don't mind reviews, but I'd like to see their opinions about the episode or series, not just the facts. Include the facts, by all means, but re-enforce why you like them in the first place.

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