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Какую пользу для тебя приносит самоизоляция?

Самостоятельное выполнение дел позволяет мне наслаждаться делами, которые я люблю, в своем собственном темпе и по-своему. Благодаря одиноким занятиям я узнаю больше о себе и размышляю над своим опытом.
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как проходит карантин? :)

Firomont’s Profile Photomandy
Карантин испортил мой график сна, который уже был настолько испорчен. :((
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Happy Independence Day 🌼

ayeshah__’s Profile PhotoAyeshah Chaudhary
Well, it's Day 10 since India made Kashmir its intergal part, against the Resolutions of UN that could've removed India from UN, not this but India's strategy continues that neither any country condemned India's immoral and illicit act nor any country said a word in Pakistan's favour. Isn't this an isolation that India used to claim? If not, then what is isolation? This only happens when your retired fouji (12th pass) who haven't learnt anything but to control borders becomes Ambassadors of countries.The pity continues when anybody questions foreign office's credibility and federal ministers (mostly non elected persons) come up on media and start abusing opposition. This is where we are standing today.


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