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*Haq hamesha jeet jata hai, aur baatil hamesha haar jata hai* ~ Ertugrul Ghazi.

Yes yehi reet chlti arhi h abi tk toh.

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Why do pakis embarass themselves by showing their inner true ignorant selves under Esra bilgics comment section?

aishasiddiq01’s Profile Photoaisha
What do u mean madam..

Is our life already destined? Can we escape fate?

Our life is not destined.. And no we cant get escape from fate... Whatever written in fate thats gonna happen at sometime or some place..

Mein chahta hun k tum khush raho😊 Aur fir 😏 Kabhi kabhi chahta hun k us khushi ki wajah e mein bn jaon. 😋 🖤

Ohh really..? Toh dair kis bt ki


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