Ask @UncertainSound:

What song have you listened to on repeat?

Recently? Some covers I'm working on that I've been mixing and will be working on reaching out to singers to collaborate on (Starboy, Only Girl, Ex's & Oh's, Look What You Made Me Do). Also there's this Japanese song called "Flamingo" I recently learned about...

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What are some of the most unusual or interesting things you do to amuse yourself when you're bored?

I never have the luxury of being "bored" anymore, and when I am and not filling that time with video games, movies, TV, YouTube, Twitch, comics, books, Twitter, Instagram, etc, I'm probably thinking of music or video ideas or other projects I want to work on but know I don't have the time for.

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What if you're home alone, at late night and you sneeze. Suddenly phone rings and when you answer, Someone whispers "Bless You" and hangs up?? What'll u do then?? ??

I honestly don't know what I would do, but I can tell you that me answering my phone to an unknown number is very unlikely.

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