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if you are told by your doctor that you have got a strange disease and you turn in to a girl in two days what would you do in this two days? also what would you do after you become a girl?

first and foremost, i'd see if i could get a part of the medical community to look into isolating and synthesizing whatever the cause of the disease is so it could be presented as a more effective and less expensive alternative to current hormone replacement therapy programs
i'm not sure what i'd do afterwards tbh but i'd imagine that i'd need a new name

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can you explain your inigo montoya tweet to me, loyal twitter follower, I don't follow whoever the spilled soda person is and idk what happened

brianna wu went on a rant on twitter about how someone spilled soda on her and apologized but didn't do anything to help her clean up and she said "i am brianna wu" and they cowered, afraid of her powerful indie gamedev femingnsism

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sorry I just don't understand how these people exist, I'm so used to shithead antiprogressives having like, a hobby or something else they do or are invested in to perceive diversity as a threat to. Is it really just Suicidal Trans Teens Are Restricting Me From Doing Irony on Twitter, haha?

they're lashing out at cultural attitudes shifting, i think, and being unable to get consistent laughs from cheap jokes at the expense of marginalized people is a part of that.
i remember someone saying something along the lines of, "in the social justice war the only thing at stake is shitty bigoted humor, which is naturally why those guys are fighting tooth and nail" which i think sums it up well enough

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can you believe that irony bro twitter (it's like weird twitter but all the jokes are just lol look at how epic and insane this screencap of this trans twitter person reacting to me harassing them is) is a thing? I saw the cuss guy sincerely whining about sarkeesian saying jewgold thing was antisem

i'm not really surprised tbh--so long as they're enabled to do so, shitheads will get their kicks from making the lives of vulnerable people markedly worse
doesn't make it not-disappointing, though
and yeah, without fail every single 'haha sjws' type i've seen so far has had laughably thin skin when something about their character comes into question, be it being called transphobic or someone calling a joke they like bigoted

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