Ask @uniqmoniq:

What do you HATE? ???

It takes too much energy to hate anything/anyone. In fact, my problem is that I can't hate anyone. Even the people that have done wrong to me, I understood the part I played in it. It all comes down to what you allow to control you, and what drives you. Being the best me allows no room for hate.

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if someone ur usually mean to told u they were in love with u which is why the bugged you, how would u feel and what would u say

There is no other way to be but honest and real. Love has to come from both sides, and though I may have love for a person, to actually be in love is where it has to be at. Sometimes I think people get so caught up on the memories that they hold themselves back from actually being in love with the right person, or being whole heartedly open for real love.

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