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Abt ur first crush...😍

I don't think i ever got over him is all I'll say. Sadly, i was and still am crazy awkward enough to not have a proper conversation with him. 🙈
Abt ur first crush

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How can you tell that someone is lying?

"The voice box (larynx) and vocal folds (sometimes called vocal cords) comprise the vibratory system of the voice mechanism. The vocal tract is comprised of resonators which give a personal quality to the voice, and the modifiers or articulators which form sound into voiced sounds."
You just need to use your lips, tongue and vocal cords. It's quite simple, actually.
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Are you a money-saver or a money-waster?

Depends on what I'm wasting on. And of course, my mood and a hundred other factors. :3
Generally I buy stuff I 'need' than the stuff I 'want'. You can't always have everything, after all.

What are the three commonest things people say to you? Do you think they are reflective of who you are?

People say a lot of things.
Their words not always express their feelings.
People who know me well, who just know who i am and who don't know me at all.
Things they say change with time, situation and a lot of other factors.
They are probably reflective of me.... at that time.
I think imma stop going on and on with shit that i think makes sense.
And the 3 commonest things?
-I've gained weight
-I'm good at art
-1000 things my mom says for self improvement
What are the three commonest things people say to you Do you think they are

Who is the most interesting user you have found using profile hashtags?

the following user says thank you for your time and consideration and I will be a good time to get a chance to get a chance to talk to you and your family and friends are invited to download it from a friend of a good time and I will send the money I have to pay for the past few years back and forth between the two of these keywords pertaining to your house and the batman series of questions for me to be back in touch with me and the 'batman' you have to pay for it is a great weekend too but I've "never been to the north".
BATMAN and THE NORTH <<< my keyboard knows me well....kinda. It tried at least.😂😂👏👏😎


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