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狮子桑好久不见! 最近终于体会到了summer romance。想念您,想知道你的近况!

过去半年多🦁️一直在沉迷学习 偶然登上来竟然收到了留言 简直是如同winter romance般的温暖!你呢 还好吗?

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Why is it even tho I've always been a good person something as simple as basic human happiness is too much for me to expect

then don't expect.

Should I get a tripod , simply because I wanna make some tiktok videos ?

in my opinion, tripod is overqualified and not tiktok at all.. it’s like the difference between taking a selfie and asking somebody to have you photographed.

I was having panic attacks (I am male). I started taking beta blockers now I am better. I started having panic attacks at 23. I want to help other people.

i’m genuinely happy for you that you’re over it! what’s your plan of helping others?

What's your favorite thing to order from McDonald's?

pies. but i fxxking miss their milkshake.

Would you be interested in experiencing hypnosis?

nope, sounds dangerous.. 任何需要把对自我的掌控权交出的事 对我来说都是危险的

Would you rather go out for dinner or cook at home?

go out, cuz i'll be too tired to cook after a day's work.


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