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Do you believe that everyone should speak up during difficult times like this (the obvious conflict that’s happening between Israel and Palestine)?

If you are not sure about what you are saying, just keep silent, not to support injustice

So I keep getting a notification that I've violated AskFM guidelines multiple times and If I continue I'll be banned....hmmmm it would be nice to know exactly what I did but no this app sucks so much they don't tell you anything. Lmaooo

I got it about ten times 😁

Would you live in a haunted house for free?

aclownlikeme8’s Profile PhotoLottie
I don't compromise my quality of life for saving money, I wouldn't even live in a normal house for free if it is not appealing to my wife and kids

Am I really not that cute or attractive?

doglover3417777’s Profile PhotoAlayne
Don't lose your self-confidence whatever feedback you get, beauty is relative and you are the most important one to relate to

Im dating to be a WIFE.💍❤️ I want a HUSBAND & kids. 👶🏽👧🏽 NOT a relationship.

I believe most of the girls do

Anybody remember that one website about dating psychos and you could add a psycho you dated and warn others not to get involved with them?

Good idea, people can get some ratings you know 😄

A lady once told me one day you’ll be living your life & you’ll meet someone who is the guy version of yourself…that’s how you’ll know💗

When you meet the guy version of yourself, RUN!

Do you think I’m ugly?

The most important thing is how you see yourself, a lot of idiots opinions here should not be as much important to you


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