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Have you ever had a group of people from your school not like you and complain about how “weird” you are?

Doubt it

Train me to be a better person? Really. So you're so perfect and don't have any flaws ,bad habits, toxic traits, repeatful behaviors, destructive ways, yourself right?u eat,sleep,breathe,talk,walk,work and live as a better person than me. Because after all your perfect Enough to judge me change me

It’s appreciated

I do only fans and before I started dating my gf I had a 38 year old and after 19 year old happens to be my gf mom and best friend do I tell her


Did you fake a medical condition or is it real? Might be something they overlook during the autopsy??

Have fun with that

very weird question I KNOW but if you start dating a guy and he really loves you do you think he will care about how your labia looks? if it doesn’t look like porn AT ALL and is on the longer side do you think he will care or look at you differently? it’s genetic so it’s not from sleeping around.

Clean your body daily & please shut up


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