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Aleena: Do you ever plan on moving somewhere else?

Potentially, one day. I am a military (Air Force) brat so, I am used to moving a lot and do it fairly regularly. Right now I will be in Utah for at least the next two years with my business so no plans to move at the moment. BUT, there are a few different things on the horizon for traveling for Untamed so, stay tuned!

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Andi that was my question and you answered it in the chat haha. But yeah I'm really glad for you that you have a fast metabolism and can eat so much like that and not have to worry about losing your model figure haha. Seems like a great thing for you because it sounds like you really love to eat! :)

Hey :) Sorry we are just now getting to typing the answers to these so they won't get mixed in with the questions for the next chat. Thanks for sending in your questions and feel free to ask more and we'll answer on our Thanksgiving day broadcast.
I am SOOOO lucky I was built this way because if I had to watch what I eat or cut out foods that I loved I would be pretty depressed about it.

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