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Kelan nyo nararamdaman na parang ang sikip sikip ng dibdib nyo at parang di kayo makagalaw?

You mean anxiety attacks? I try to calm down myself the best way I can at that moment.


jasjsq’s Profile PhotoJoshua Gonzales
“Conyo” in Tagalog means you speak awkward and cringey TagLish. But “Coño” also means “Cunt” in Spanish. Trust me, my hermanos and hermanas say it often.

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For those veterans on LDR, does LDR really work? My girl and I are on ldr for probably a year and a half. (I'm on vacation in philippines and she's in UK) my fam and I can't go back to UK yet bc of covid. Are calls, messages enough?

jasjsq’s Profile PhotoJoshua Gonzales
Based on my own experience and knowledge, LDR very rarely works, because physical touch is a must in a relationship. In other words, one of you would mostly likely cheat without the other one knowing it, no matter how much you think and do in trusting this person.

Do you prefer to date fat or slim ladies?

arkmaduke5038’s Profile PhotoArkMaDuke
It does not matter what size the girl is because SIZE should not be the basis to date a girl. That type of mentality is toxic and disgusting.

As a boyfriend or girlfriend you shouldn’t be talking to nobody that liked you, had you, likes you, or used to like... that’s law and some of y’all don’t get it

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song recommendations pleaaaase 🥺

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Lancaster Nights - Charlie Burg
Garden - Grady
Dirty - AQVOL
Kool Girl - Seasalt
Hard Feelings - Lorde

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He smiles at me noong narecognize ko siya kahit nakatalikod siya, pero until now, nakablock pa rin ako sa Facebook niya 😭😭😭. Tapos pagdaan niya sa harap namin, sinabi ko na "Hindi na iyan mamansin sa akin." Bigla siyang lumingon sa akin at nagbigay ng magandang ngiti. What does it mean? 😭

DLSalgado’s Profile PhotoDani Ler Sa
he doesn’t care, in fact, he may not even know he blocked you
or he’s doing it on purpose to confuse you for fun


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