did guude ever ask u to be on mindcrack?

No. I was part of Guude's special project that he has been juggling for a couple years now. The reason I was never invited was because the winner of this contest gets to be on Mindcrack.
This isn't public knowledge, and I'm making it public by answering this question, but only because over the last few weeks I have heard that he is nearly completion of it and has not spoken to me in even a professional setting and that worries me. I have no aspiration to join Mindcrack and if a video series comes out where I am participating in events that could make me a Mindcracker, that's going to really confuse audiences as I would have to openly come out and say "Yeah... this was recorded in 2013 guys... I'm not interested in joining the Mindcrack group at this time".
Stop and think how fans would react? At first they would be excited because to the uninformed it looks like there is a chance Old Man Willakers could be joining Mindcrack, then disappointment when they see me confirm that can't happen, then confussion on why you would even put a series out about Old Man Willakers potentially becoming a Mindcracker, but clearly that isn't going to happen. It puts a massive damp blanket on the project. I reached out to Guude telling him how I felt because it would really hurt one of the biggest projects he has had going for years, I mean the guy had people sign NDAs to not talk about it and those things wore off over a year ago, the only reason I don't go spoiling things is simply professional respect for him and the mindcrack group, but man is it going to be silly if that series comes out and at the very least we haven't professionally buried the hatchet.
But this isn't something you guys can help with. Guude isn't a fool and he has clearly put lots of thought into this. Maybe he views this project as being bigger than a single bad relationship from the videos or that the drama can only help the project. If you try to give Guude some perspective on this, it's easy to understand the decisions he makes.

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