Were you offended when Zisteau called you a douchebag on reddit for your comments on ask fm? I always thought you two were cool :(

While I think name calling is silly because it only hurts his points, he is right though. I didn't give priority to projects like Mindcracks, if he means his town. We were at a point where PMC wasn't making enough money and I was putting more focus onto games I personally thought would make money over "Mindcracks" because Zisteau's town wasn't a Mindcrack project, it was a Zisteau project. Mhykol's town I gave priority too and fully set it up because it was easy, simple, cool and Mhykol worked with me. Me and Arkas talked all the time and he worked on all sorts of maps and even planned out a game.
But no I didn't focus on projects like Zisteau's and again no one told me to put focus on them either. I was a mini game developer who wasn't being assigned any direct tasks. There are so many things we could bring up that you can point at me and go "Well explain this then Rob" stop doing that, because I can explain it. I can just say what the fuck happened Zisteau. If you feel the need to come out and defend yourself or your group, cool, now you understand why I'm talking about this stuff. I'm surrounded by unanswered questions your group isn't providing answers for and isn't talking to me.
I can't keep answering these questions at this point either unless Mindcrack really wants to talk about it. It wasn't my intent to "spoil" anything, but I can understand that saying "its a contest to join Mindcrack" is spoiling something, I'm sorry. The reason I brought that up is because it was relevant to me why I didn't join which is something you guys truly want to know, it's asked all the time. You can call bullshit on me, that I'm stirring the pot, that I intended to spoil things, but even Zisteau himself has now accidentally spoiled part of the project by talking about how I early I was eliminated as well. He even boasts I don't have a full episode? It was like over 2 hours of footage... How is it okay to do a project with someone, have a falling out, refuse all communications, yet still be prepared to release a project with that person as well? Shit man why would you even say I don't have a video? What do you want me to release it, ruin the fucking mans project and make everyone look bad? I have had this thing uploaded SINCE 2013 man: http://i.imgur.com/3QDBb6d.png
Look. I won't talk about on Mindcrack here anymore okay? I have cleared the air of anything evolving me and this brand anymore. No one needs to wonder why X happened or when Guude Willies is back together because look, I answered it why. There was a slight bump and a few mean things were said. Cool. Were done. I get that some of you don't understand why I want closure on this stuff, but I'm not trying to talk to you guys and your fans, I'm trying to talk to fucking my fans who don't understand why I don't do things with your group and don't like the fact I'm not talking about it.