Are you ever thinking about possibly releasing the music you use in the urealms live stream?

For sure, not right now though. We need to build a place to house all the UR stuff before we really start releasing it.
Imagine a website where you can see all the characters we made, that have a custom portrait for each, the card in battle, a printable version, and a description of the character.
An entire index of cards and classes and treasure items you can download for your personal use or curiosity. A template creator that lets you even make your own classes, races, items to balance for your own games or amusement.
Maps from our campaigns or extra maps that I have had made from week to week to just use for your own games. Encounters you can use or modify all ready to be accessed or printed in whatever way you want to play. Whether it's for your own group of buddies or just a small little Saturday game you play with a friend or significant other. Play through the campaigns you watched on stream or mix and match all these characters as you like.
Digital Comic books that recap adventurers from week to week that focus on the story and add another level of depth and imagination. That allow you to really see the story as if it was a very serious campaign to fall in love with.
A section of music from all of our shows and campaigns. Music for towns, battles, and dungeons. All to download or play from your browser.
A character creator that lets you go through a bunch of art we put together to make your own Kobold, give him skills and abilities and print it off, better yet have all this access on your tablet and phone so you could sit down with buddies, have access to all the cards and information you need to play on your phone and just need a single die to start playing.
And all of it for free because we built this off the back off a cool webshow. I don't plan to ever build a company of 100s of people, that doesn't make sense in the 2015 internet age. I just want to build a core of passionate people I work well together with and work with other passionate creators in the future. Deadbones has coined the idea that in the future we would become a stepping stone company. One in which we have a very dedicated set of followers and seek to just do cool things with cool people.
This is something that I could do to stay close to the friends I have made, the awesome creators I have worked with, and still have the freedom to do other projects in the future. To be honest though, if you have watched my content since the old UR days, you know that Unforgotten Realms and roleplaying in general have always been a big thing for me. This might be something I just end up doing forever.

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