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How come alien abduction is never listed as a possibility when someone goes missing without a trace?

So, Is Your Mom Hot??
Lack of evidence, logic etc. as it's seen as a very unlikely, unproven thing.
I think people, especially the government like to have us believe that the only people that believe in aliens are either conspiracy theorists, mentally unwell or both because the government profits off of war and we wouldn't wage wars with fellow countries if we knew there were other kinds of people out there, in the galaxy.

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Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you had to be around someone you dislike?What happened?

So, Is Your Mom Hot??
I'm antifascist once I found myself on a tinder date with a nazi.
It was not good.
I left as soon as I felt safe. He was giving me real r*pey vibes before I was even told he was a nazi.
Thank goodness I ALWAYS meet people in public, crowded places abd never give them my contact details.
I found out after that he literally was a sx offender and he had even groomed some local underage people.

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