Ask @USA_MooMoos:

what's a fan engagement pass and how can i get one? is there any way we can get a backstage pass?

Only people with Platinum tickets get the luxury of getting backstage passes but they will not be able to meet artists.
You would get fan engagement passes if you bought a concert ticket. Platinum, P1 and P2 get guarenteed fan engagements. P3-P5 is a chance but the chances are very slim.

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hi :) ive never been to kcon before so im a bit confused. where can i find the booth? also, is there any way i can pay for a moobong and get it on saturday? i wouldve ordered one, but i just decided to kcon ny today

So you can just ask any of the staff/volunteers when you get to our booth!
We are still not quite sure where our booth will be located. We will update once we find out tomorrow evening~

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Hi, I am a moomoo who is going to KconNY16 and only got Sat P1 tic cus I only wanna see Mamamoo, and I m landing on Sat but I heard that Kcon is giving out benefits randomly? Like you might get Fri engagement even you are attending Sat one... Was that true? TT

So i haven't been to KCON since 2014 and that was in LA. From what I experienced, that's what happened when I got my perks on Saturday. I received Sunday perks on Saturday.
BUT that might not be the case this year. They could have perks for only that day.

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