Ask @usamasandhu7:

What does love mean to you?

Ahmad Khanzadah
People say that falling in love with the wrong person hurts. I say that falling in love with the right person at the wrong time actually hurts 💔
You know that they're the ONE. But one of you is having the roughest period of your life and things don't really work out no matter how hard and truly you try. And then you miss them and can't do shit about it and THAT SHIT REALLY HURTS 💔💔💔

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I'm stuck in a situation where i want to leave my gf bcz there is no chemistry between us and every time we talk we end up fighting....But whenever I tried to breakup with her she start crying and doing childish stuff that force me to surrender...I have no clue what to do....any advice

Is sy pehly k apka katay, ap kat lo patli gali😂😂😂

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