Ask @usedfly:

how are you? what's one piece of advice you could give past you?

"How are you" is a hard question because I can either answer it honestly or politely. My brain doesn't work very well these days. Everything I experience is overlaid with panic. Sometimes that panic is low-level, sometimes it overwhelms me. I'm managing to accomplish work better but the work I am accomplishing is of no real consequence. Despite all that, I am better than I was a year ago.
I don't know what advice I could give myself. Everything in my life is an experience that I find valuable, if traumatizing. I'd want to change which family I was born into, but that's not advice.
I guess- "Dear four year old me, your life is not normal. Most children are not treated like this. Don't accept the life that you're currently living. Grow fangs and claws disproportionate to your small size. Scream until you cannot be ignored. Start fighting now and do not stop. Do your best and remember always that this is not your fault."
I started implementing that advice by the time I was a teenager, but it would have been nice to have known it as early as possible.

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