Ask @usmanumarofficial:

Do you think kids our age can be in love?

As far as the 'being in love" is concerned. I think yes they can be in love at this age. Because love can happen at any stage of life. And it's even without our control, I mean it's the heart who decides to love. Can we control it or have our say to not to love? I think No! So it happens. ❤️
But the problem with this age of 'kids' is that they indulge in their so-called relationships too early without knowing its ends. And even after indulging they go too far in this thing. They don't even consider the circumstances surrounding them because we are living in the realistic & materialistic world where a lot of things matter (even if we don't want to). So mostly they end up breaking or with sad ending. So being in love is not bad, and neither to be in relationships. But we just need to be careful & certain about somethings before jumping into relationships & after being in it. ✨
That's my point of view, you may agree or disagree. And I don't know even it's making sense or not. 👍

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