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What do you think the viability of ideologies like Anarcho-Trotskyism? Will they have staying power or will they be brushed aside by the coming Global Monarchist coup?

There is only one answer: Anarcho-Monarchism.

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In a recent discussion the concept of "racism without Race" came Up. Have you ever heard of it and what are your thoughts on it?

99% sure it's pure bullshit, and it is etymologically-assured to be bullshit... sounds like it's just an attempt to make a social weapon even more accessible to those who need to use it.

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What do you think of Angry MGTOW?

poor reflection on his movement, like most MGTOW's I've encountered. Can't help but recommend Randomercam again as an examplar MRA and MGTOW.

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Charcoal or Propane?

Emperor Justinian

Uranium-235 or get out.

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but... but red... the question was "what would you do to keep Britain in the EU?"...

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Can I borrow five bucks?

look, America, you can't fix your debt issue by just borrowing from other people, stop asking!

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What is the known most powerful office in the world?

mine, but only when I'm in it.

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Who is Jill Stein working for?


or, perhaps that could use a recount?

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Have you ever been with a Polish guy? It's like really exotic and everything you know.

I'll consider it if he wears the hussar wings 24/7.

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Favorite meme?

Red Dead Remainer.

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Are traps gay?

Animu Putin

did you ever think to ask them yourself?

but obviously yes, regardless ;)

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Who created Zionism?

ahh, sorry... mea culpa... I was bored and drunk and just... blurted out the founding ideas of the ideology online; next thing I know, they have a whole country!

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Who really did 9/11?

Steel manufacturers.

think about it, before 9/11, people didn't know the strength of steel, but now they know that not even jet fuel can melt it. brilliant marketing strategy.

no kristi, stop it!

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How many people died at Sandy Hook?

plot twist: by shear coincidence, all the victims were genuinely killed unexpectedly, but were also all professional crisis actors.

inb4 kristi takes this seriously.

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Angry Napoleon is my papi

then I hope, for your sake, that you're an inner-city black kid, and napoleon goes for cigarettes one day and doesn't return.

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Who's more of a Sperg? Spino or Angry Napoleon?

Animu Putin

Spinegry Napsaurseon.

seriously though, I don't have a problem with spino. AN, meanwhile, is a totally unintentional beautiful disaster, with a steady output of lols.

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Who is your favorite parody Angry_Napoleon or Spinosauruskin?

"I've got to save my girlfriend from the evil WITE WINGERS!"

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yes, he is in charge of the transsexual agenda, and has successfully infiltrated the highest echelons of government.

stay woke my d00ds.

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Is the pope Catholic?

only by definition.

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What kind of immortal is Putin?

stronkest kind

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Do you think I’ll do better playing dominos on cheese than on pasta?


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Who would win in a fight a caveman or and astronaut?

depends largely on what they're equipped with, but if they're both lightly clothed and unarmed, I'd say 95% chance that the astronaut wins, assuming they have some combat training, which I reckon most of them do. Modern combat training can allow almost any person to physically overcome almost any other person, no matter how strong or savage. If the astronaut doesn't have combat training, probably the caveman, due to lots of factors that we can basically sum up by saying that primitive humans were far more savage and experienced in violence than almost anyone in modern society. Depending on the circumstances of the combat, the vastly superior intelligence of the astronaut might allow them to win, but not in an enclosed 1v1 setting.

if you think I took the question too seriously, I invite you to consider concluding your existence.

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Are you aware throwing commies from helicopters not only pays for itself but leads to a surplus?

there's only one problem with this otherwise perfect plan: If you remove all the major leftist voices in a society, the poor will probably start a marxist uprising, and that's VERY bad for business...

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Would you stick with YouTube even if they continue showing such bias toward large corporations?

Deplorable sevvie

I'll stick with content production, but maybe diversify my distribution. I'm setting up a system to distribute my videos without having to upload from my PC multiple times.

If this change is gradual, the large content creators will do fine, but below a certain threshold, channels might lose most of their audience. I think I'm a long way below that threshold. Might be tough times ahead, but that's what sparks innovation, so let's see what I do next ;)

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