Are you aware that the 14 year old that devon apparently doxed, was not doxed and devon used a fake name? Are you going to take back your accusations?

I know his name but he never told me his name, so I'm almost certain Tracey or his hacker pet doxed him successfully at some point, but it's possible I am wrong. At the very least, he thought he was doxing the second 14-year-old, had no compunction. It was only circumstance that made it not-doxing. I'm making a video on the topic soon, I will address this in that video :)
I am certainly not retracting any other accusations due to this. I have actually learned of someone else AIU doxed, so the count is still at 7 people, even if we exclude LL, and he still directed and was aware of the doxing of a 14-year-old, just not LL (assuming I am remembering wrongly).