Ask @vaishah:

Vaibhav listen i m telling you one thing that r u really serious for femina because i dont think that she is perfect for you she is not at all serious with you pls leave her n come to me i really love youu be mine please ❤️🌎😭😭😭 i am waiting ❤️

I love her n ik she is serious for me ❤️🌎please you don’t interfere in my life🙏

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Baby you look soo hot and cute can you be my bf please post a cute picture for me jaan please i really lovee youuu sooo muchhh be mine and pls try to find me ❤️❤️🙈💍😭😭😭🌎🌎🌎❤️💋💋

Aww thats soo nice pls message me unticked it and thankyou soo much ly ❤️
This picture is only for youu take baby☺️❤️

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