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You better be feeling queasy and so you will puke out these thoughts

Firstly, i would like to thank you for the concern, i really appreciate it.
Secondly, i think its a little to intense to be honest. U are literally scaring me
Thirdly, i will try my best to keep all those thoughts away.
Lastly, i think whether im trying to lose weight anot is not really because i want to be pleasing to other people's eyes its more for myself. We cant dent the fact that society likes skinnier people, you and i cant change that fact. I want to lose weight because it really looks nicer when wearing clothes and not to mention so much easier too. But whether i will be able to lose or not lose its another story. But i will try every way possible to lose those weight. I hope you can respect that decision of mine and thank you for the concern and for reading my blog(though idk how u found out about it). Thank you really, i appreciate it:) xx

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