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are you dating?


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Who do you think should be the next president?

who did you go out with??

a guy

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What would you most like to do if money were no object?


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Good boy cute chubby also can but if lose weight good looking hahaha

dyou honestly think at this age i have "good boy" friends, cmon gurl

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Got any good guy friend to recommend not

have, im always wingman-ing them. what type u want?

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Describe what a good friend means to you?

someone who understands you, has faith in you, trusts you with their life, comfortable around you, etc :')))

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What do you say during awkward silences?

welllllll hows life

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What's your currently favorite show on TV?

idk i watch a lot of series?

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Would you have a relationship with someone in another country, far away from you?


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Who are your enemies?

i hv quite a number of ppl i dislike but the most would be horse* and childish motherfucker*

((*have renamed the fucking enemies))

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so you drank beer before ah?

why does it matter??

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Hi nata de coco i miss you bila nak keluar lagi?

herrooo i miss u too, bile mau!!!

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what is your age?

18 turning 19

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drank beer before?


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Did intern feel long?

absolutely ):

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What is ur gpa? (=

too low to handle

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When is your last intern day?

tday!!! soooo happy

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would you tickle a shirtless boy with abs?


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Do You Think Your Girlfriend Should And Can Also Be Your Best Friend?

Jonah Pratt

yea, why not. if you feel really comfortable with your partner and they know every single thing about you, i think theyve already filled up the bestfriend spot too.

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Would you wear glasses only for fashion?

no. i hv to wear glasses bc myopia and i dont like it one bit.

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ootd with picture?

and again, why

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haha yeap, jardine.

have "fun" at intern!! :-) probs will c u somewhere

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Pap of your nails?


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