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How do you think your character is going to spend Valentine's Day?

/ It mostly depends on who she’d be spending it with. With Colin, she’d prepare a friendly date - movies, dinner, drinks and maybe an amusement park or arcade. Something of that sort. With Persephone, I think they’d stay in and have a girl’s day + TJ. She’d plan movies, some games for TJ. Lastly with Christian, she’d put more effort into it. He clearly doesn’t seem like he’d enjoy Valentine’s day. She’d plan a dinner then maybe a short trip somewhere - get him away from the Underworld for a bit.

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/ Hey, no I wasn’t the anon, but I have never seen your post. I still don’t have it on my page either, probably because my page got deleted four times at least. But I’d love for our characters to be friends and to keep interacting. Lyric needs Isobel. So please, be Caroline to my Elena? ;') ♡

Lyric Adams
/ Hey. Maybe FB deleted them or you just didn't have the chance to see them before your pages were taken down? I posted a few times so maybe it was just facebook being stupid. Anyways, I'm up for it if you are. I'd love to have that friendship between them. Also sorry this reply was late.

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Queen complex is back in HA. Person that hurt me twice wants to come here. I might actually delete my characters because of this, but I had to let this all out even if anonymously only. I liked writing with all of you. Stay golden... I'll miss my charas and most of you.

/ I don’t think you should delete your characters. If you don’t like her, you don’t have to interact with her. And if there’s still this much hurt, I think you should try talking it out with her.

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To the anon; stop freaking harassing her!She wasn't rude, she tried to work it out and I would've been pissed if someone took advantage of what I said and copied my character's name but she handled it like an adult.Why do you have to be so rude?Also, feel free to send hate since you're so good at it

Avery Riley.
/ Thank you. I honestly appreciate this. Hopefully they don’t send you hate though, there’s been enough of that for today.

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Do I have to obey you? No. You have anon button on, face me then. But what you did to Isobel is really unfair and low. Just stop torturing poor girl.

/ When have I ever said you have to obey me? I’m not the one hiding, you are. You can easily click off anon. As for the hate, I’m really not the one sending it to her. I have proof of the questions I sent her and she answered. She can answer the hate ones and I’ll show you my notification box.

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