Ask @vampirebarbiebel:

Unlikely ship for Julie?

Unlikely ship for Callum?

Unlikely ship for Isobel?

Unlikely ship for Amanda?

Unlikely ship for Will?

most heartbreaking movie scene.

This scene in I Am Legend when he has to kill his dog.

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Are you a part of Levingston Preparatory?

/ Yep; I admin Camilla.

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Do you like seeing aesthetics on newsfeed?

Absolutely. I love seeing everyone's talents and creations.

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Post an aesthetic that someone else made for you.

Why are Annie and Jeremy fighting?

And what makes you think I would know? I'm not butting into other people's business.

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Do you have any siblings? Describe them and your relationships with them.

I have a twin sister. She's a bit stubborn but, she's hard working, kind and always does her best to protect those she cares for. Our relationship is a bit rocky but, we're working on it.

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Outfit of the day?

Post a gif of your top ship for your character?

What was the solo you read about? Did you like it or not ? Why? What is the key to a good solo?

I actually haven't had much time to read any solos lately.

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Make an aesthetic for a character you love. Not your own.

/ I'm bad at this but, I tried. Anyway does this count as two characters I love because it's @Strickland_Witch and TJ?

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Post a broship aesthetic.

Does anyone miss Bryan?

Didn't know him, therefore can't miss him.

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OOC; how do you feel about HA as a rp group?

/ I absolutely love it. I love the characters. I love the people that make up this group. I may not talk to many of them but, they're all such amazing writers and people. I'm glad I'm able to be a part of Henderson. It's honestly something that makes me happy.

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Any shots on who's the Main Admin?

/ How about no?

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Opinion on Joshua.

Don't know him but, he seems adorable.

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Opinion on Chloe.

She seems like a little ball of sunshine.

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Do you think Amanda could be the one for Jeremy, instead of Annie?

I think I'm going to stay out of Jeremy's love life.

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Is Colin done with love?

I really hope he isn't.

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If you're interested in doing the event now, please head to the group chat!

Sorry I missed it.

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If you had to pick up another character which would it be?

/ I'm actually quite content with just Isobel.

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