Ask @venessa_chun:

Hi ven! I just want to say that i really miss u here on askfm :( hope you can find time to visit this! fighting to everything you do and let's continue to love B~

it has been a long time! i had to leave because it felt like a brewing pot for angry people to throw hate anonymously. i hoped to have constructive interactions and this didn't feel like the place anymore.

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i think everyone knows by now that you give zero fucks about anyone else in exo besides bh but you're making ppl hate him by being an awful person to others. maybe you should understand your version of things is not absolute truth.

i like baekhyun most =/= i hate other members in exo.
if i hated exo, i wouldn't last long in the fandom at all.
of course my opinions aren't truth, i trust that fans are discerning especially when it comes to knowing that huge follower count doesn't always equate to presenting official facts.

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Hi Ven I don't know if you've been asked this before I hope not, but do you still like and follow your past faves Yoochun and Jonghyun? Do you think you will come to like someone like Baekhyun in the future maybe or is he your ultimate and last fave? ^^ happy New Years' Eve!

i don't proactively search out and follow their activities but i do take some interest when they pop up in my timeline :) baekhyun's probably my last and indeed ultimate, i don't think i can garner enough time and effort to do what i've did/ doing for baekhyun<3

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i want to apologize if you ever found it annoying or my questions angered you when i asked you something not as an exo l on yr old ask acc b4 just so you could gave answers that were mature and could sooth my worries abt EXO's careers against other grps. that was so embarrassing i'm really sorry 😭

it's understandable to feel insecure at times, but best to be honest with ur emotions and motives. It would have relieved your burden even if u stated ur worries as an exo-l!! But experience tells us that exo always comes out stronger after adversities so dont start worrying just yet 😘😘

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hi ven, i hope u dont mind me asking..when you watch exo mv on youtube, will it count to the views if you mute the volume of the player?? bcs i want to watch as many as i can and the sound would jumble together and all

Some say Mute will result in no-count.... There is no definite answer to this so maybe u could mute from ur computer instead of the youtube player?

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