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Dear Vera - I am newly married and this is the second marriage for both my husband and I. We have 4 kids between us and he adores me. Truly. Here is the problem: his married ex-wife suddenly wants to divorce her Hubbs and wants my man back. They were married 16 years & it scares me. How to deal?

Hey Sweet Potato! How to deal? You don't. There's nothing to deal with. He adores you, and you know this. 16 years is a long time and a lot of memories, but she's the past, and you are his wife now. How she feels about him does not matter; what matters is how he feels about you. They are divorced for a reason, and you are also his wife for a reason. Relax and enjoy your man and your marriage. But if it bothers you so much, then talk to him about it. He'll probably be understanding. Goodluck loving!!

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My penis is 7.1inches long and 6.1inches round, all the way along. I'm currently dating a short skinny girl who u really like. My question is stupid, but, am I going to kill her? :(

Although I'm not a pro in penis length and girth, I seriously doubt that your girlfriend is at risk for Death by Penis. But you should be gentle with her, unless she prefers otherwise.

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Hey Vera,I want to know how you became certain Igwe is 'the one' i.e how you became so confident to share his pictures on social media and things like that. I don't know if you know what I mean. Also, how can I be more sensitive to my Boyfriend? He thinks I'm too laid back and non challant.

Hello! I answered your question on the blog. Please check it out, and thank you for asking! :-)

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