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Perks of being a kid from the 90's ?

Ali Nutkani
Right now, they are in their worst and most difficult phase of lives. Mid 20's is the career defining time. You start losing friends, you start seeing everything as "is ka koi faida bhi hai ya nahi", you hesitate asking for money from parents even though they are willing to give you, you stop caring about your appearance "koi impress hona ho to isi boothi se ho jae ga warna L pe wajjay", a lot of business ideas come and go, children start calling you "uncle", classmates start getting married.
A LOT happens in this age and a super-talkative human can become a rare-talker in this phase.

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What’s your philosophy in life?

Friends are the best part of life – My Personal Life
In my personal life I have very few best friends and 101% I’m sure that they can do anything for me and I’ll do anything for them. This is not for words but we always act before or with words. they are all with me in most of my hard time than my good time. I really proud to say that I got the best friends in the world.

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