Ask @victorgregor:

Victor! Crush kita. Huhu. We only spoke to each other that one time (YEARS ago) na nagtanong ako sa void about something, tapos sinagot mo. Nagulat ako kasi akala ko snob ka and mej bobs yung tanong ko, pero you still engaged me nicely. HUHUHUHU. CRUSH TALAGA KITA HANGGANG NGAYON.

I don't know what to say. Lolz. Geol 11 yata ito. Or Journ? Needless to say, magulo ang buhay ko nun.

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(Cont) I know I'm not his type huhu but we still talk pa naman tho ive noticed na he's not sweet like before. What should I do? Do I still continue our communication? Will the friendship make him like me more? Kasi okay naman talaga lahat, di lang talaga ako pretty :(

As long as there wasn't any false advertising on your end, you should be good. So what if you're not very pretty. If he's into you, he'll ask you out. If he doesn't, you ask him out. If he says yes, shriek silently in private like Laura Linney in Love Actually. If he doesn't, either channel your inner Gone Girl or go never mind I'll find someone like youhuhuhu.

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