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like - you're so so gorgeous!!! You're really sweet and so nice to talk to :) you have such a nice smile like omggg! You're really genuine and caring, such a gorgeous girl! xxx

Thanks sexy girl :) xxx
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Tbh- I miss us :/ we slowly getting back our close friendship :-) how I know everything about you and you know everything about me lol! You act more mature than your age! Very beautiful, caring, loud af!, talkative and kind :-) miss and love you! xxxx

Thanks baby girl xx
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why didn't you tell me too? I would've done something to cheer you up knowing your dad didnt come and take you somewhere and shouted you? Its okay I get it.

I'll text you, not on ask.fm
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So how's "hanging" out with your dad going? Sooooo um is he watching gossip girl as well? Hope you have a fun weekend with your "dad" and heaps more fun, for round 3 next week! I guess your to busy for me hey? Thought we were becoming what we were before :/ I guess not :((

Nah it's not like that, I swear. I wouldn't do that to you! my dad ended up not coming, I don't know why but he ended up not coming. I rung Kayee at 5 to see if he was still coming and she said that he wasn't coming anymore because he had something else to do so I told Raisa and she said to come over because they are having a movie night, I swear to god Jewels.

funniest people in each grade?

9-don't know
10- Raisa, Aiden and Adam
11- Elna and Asiel
12- Saint, Cat, Filoi and Kayee

Vicky you doing anything today? wanna chill?

Sorry babe, my dads coming down today so i'll be with him all weekend but defs next time? our hang outs are way over due xx


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