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TBH/hii bc harami kutri kamini idiot duff(ave thoduk saru lage che😂)mari half gf💕i love u so very much! mari toh nathi gai ne tu? sali ave toh bhaav b etlo khay che.nyways its fun bein wid u. talkin on phone 4 an hr(missin dem),drawin on each odrs hand, n all crazy stuff😂 khali tanej tbh apyu😂

Roses are red, Violets are Blue. Sugar is Sweet and So are YOU.❤
But, the Roses are wilting, the Violets are dead. The sugar bowl's empty and So is your HEAD.😹❤

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One best friend? Do you have any siblings? How old are you? Birthday? Single/taken/crush? Favorite subject? Something you miss? Somewhere you want to go? Pet name? Favorite emoji? Last 5 people you texted? Please rply

Best Friend : None.
Siblings : Yeass!💯
Age : Still 15
Birthday : Uska kya karoge? Gift bhi nahi dene wale!
Single AF.
FavSubject : Padhai se vishwas hi uthh gaya hai.
Something I miss? JAYALGARH AFF❤
Somewhere I want to Go? Nah, nothing specific.
Pet name : Vidull (😏)
FavEmoji : "😂💯"
Last Five ppl : Sujan, Maanya, Shaurya, Dk, Aman.
Likho abb Meri BIOGRAPHY.😂💯

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