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What do you do when you’re angry?

ShikhaSagar’s Profile PhotoShikhaSagar
do you know that feeling when you're talking to someone you like and you get butterflies in your stomach?
that's shaytan!

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the_ayesha_24’s Profile PhotoAyesha Ali khan
come closer now,
coz' you got me thinking
all these naked nights,
and i knew what i needed.
sit with me then,
i'll try to confess, though
my sensual voices get lost
in the senseless noise around you.
so now i write this love song
of the sins you make me do.
you know how i feel,
and that's the hardest deal.
come closer now.

What kind of sex education do you think kids ought to get in school?

Dilkash20’s Profile PhotoDilkash Rana
sex isn't a subject that can be taught, but it sure is an art that can be learned.
thank this babaji later🤪

Main tumhara...main tumhara rhaa ❤️

shubhsAm’s Profile PhotoShubh
ab jab dil bhej rahe hou, i'll let you lungi dance with me just once.
uske baad tu mera puttar chutti kar 😂

Tell me something about your favorite person from ask?

bohot maarti phirti hai par i have a privilege card to access to her energy levels.

Any heavenly dream you have seen ?

atul_m’s Profile Photoayan
my dreams are outside the borders
of heaven,
i get reincarnated..
only to win her over.
ab sab batadoon?
dost banaloon?
go watch the movie if you like.
movie name: monsoon
year of release: 1999 (coincidence?)
Any heavenly dream you have seen
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Hhhi, how are you feeling today??🤍 just wanted to let you know I’m following you. Can you follow me back? Sending much luv to you and your loved ones. Keep yourself safe pls! Have a nice day👏🏼

ahsby’s Profile Photocatarina
you gotta unfollow me because i'm a good guy with a bad reputation. so here is a piece of take away for you and whoever is reading this. may this guide you:
"whatever we decided to leave by logic, we are not supposed to get back to it by emotions."


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