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How did you come up with your username?

my new askfm is @bvdlands !!

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You're absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure you have a personality to match :)

you're sweet :) but now my icon is of rihanna who is so so beautiful aha

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can i come and be your foot slave? :D

why do i get questions like this

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ben conlon is sucha fab youtuber omfgg

who is heeee? i mostly watch the british youtubers lol

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How would you do on a song competition show?

rlly badly

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what's the one thing a guy could do that would make you feel powerful?

hmmm i'm not sure now that i think about it

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ummmm, I guess what she was told is that it is a sign of being dominated. So these dudes wanted her to like make them kiss her feet and stuff. So they felt powerless. Which is weird cause my sister is young.

if a guy wants to make me feel powerful bc he can do other things instead of feet stuff, that just freaks me out lol

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You live in UK?


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I see is weird. I'm glad I don't get these questions on my ask. My sister used to a lot. She actually put up a photo of her feet and the guys kept bothering her for more.

what's so attractive about feet i don't understand

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omg i used to love himmmm

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I thnk that you and I are exactly the same. I don't want them anywhere around me!

people keep asking me for pictures ew

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can you do some questions I will do them back bc I don't have nothing to do #bored???

Da hell !?!?

can't think of any

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Nope :)

feet are disgusting

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In which city you grew up?

i don't live in a city

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Feet pic :) ♥

is this a joke

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are you a foot phobic like me?

i've never really thought about it but i hate looking at them and hate it when other people touch my feet or if i accidentally touch someone else's :///

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looks like a lot of people wanna see your socks...but that is probably the same people who ask for pictures of girls feet and stuff like that too.

a lot of people are talking about socks and feet and it makes me cringe ewww aha

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How Do You Feel About Porn?

Kristian Bell

i don't have an opinion on it lol

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Just find them now and show them? :D

im not at home :)

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haha, that makes sense. I guess socks weren't really made for putting people's faces on them.

lmao yes you're right

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Aww find them and show them pls :)

aha if i remember i'll take a pic

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how do they look creepy? just cause it is his face?

bc I accidentally got socks that r too big so his face is all baggy and weird

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ah, so you don't wear them all the time so they probably don't get smelly?

thankfully they don't lmao. but they look really creepy

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i've got my mind made up this time . . .