Ask @vincar27:

Do you think intelligence given more importance over beauty ?

Both are important. I cant be in a long term relationship with a woman that is drop dead gorgeous but I can have a conversation with, but I also feel I can be in a relationship with some one that I can see being intimate with. Both are important. But I do find my self gravitating toward beauty over intelligence. I like that I can teach my partner things!

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can there be friendship after love?

In a healthy relationship I would say yes. How can two people be so in love with each other and care so deeply for the others well being to all of a sudden no contact at all. I feel that that is unhealthy and that you were never truly in love with that person if you can 100% walk away from them once the romance is gone.

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do you really believe you’re intelligent? why?

Yes because and so are many. There are several forms of intelligence (art,music,science,dance, book,emotional ect..).
I would say I am because I have studied many different fields of intelligence, and am always willing to learn more.

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How do you know he really loves you ???

He will make it know. He will be genuinely interested In the things you say, the things you like, and he will remember this. He will surprise you with random showings of affection (hand made gifts, ur favorite food, a random loving text, flowers). Well that's at least what I do. Every man is different. Some dont know how to love because they were never taught.

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Do you agree that love lasts for the first few years, then it turns into a habit?

No I do not. If both parties in the relationship want to keep that spark it is possible. Love and a relationship takes work.... work sadly many are not willing to put in and become lazy.... that us where it becomes habit. Make every conscious action driven by true love not obligation.

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