Ask @vintauge:

how often do you look back on your life?

Every day. I look back on my childhood, I miss the times with my grandma. I miss my dad, and I think about the rough times I had every single day. It is my strong belief that it doesn't hurt you to remember the old times, so long as you don't stay there forever. Live in the moment, but remember what got you there.

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Favorite summer memory?

Church camp as a kid/young teen was the main thing I looked forward to every year. From the time I was 8 up until the year I turned 16 I was in love with one of the boys from another church and I only ever got to see him during summer camp. He hated me, but I chased him anyway. Three years later we’re happy as can be and plan to get engaged before next Christmas!

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What's the best dating advice you have?

Be willing to make changes to yourself in order to strengthen your relationship. Remember that you are not a single person you are a partner, and it is your responsibility to take measures to keep your relationship healthy. If you or your partner are unwilling to make sacrifices for each other, chances are the relationship will crumble.

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So this is something that's been bugging me since the rule was made; So, say I decided I didn't want to be on CS anymore, but I wanted to keep my tolters. If I got rid of CS, would my tolters suddenly be rehomed even if I'd still be using them on sites like Deviant Art with art and stories still?

If this was the case you would have to PM me about it. The rule is in place mostly for when people quite abruptly or are banned from the site entirely. If you're planning to quit CS but want to keep hold of your Tolters, you'll need to make sure that I'm aware so that your Tolts don't get adopted out after you go, and you'll need to sort things out with any users who have mates with your Tolters. ^^ <3

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