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Low Back Pain Management

Low back pain is a common disorder, it is involving the muscles, nerves and back bones. If the low back pain start at time then it do not increases. Three kinds of low back pain, 1st kind takes 6 weeks, 2 takes around 12 weeks, and third takes more than 12.
This happen because of –poor physical condition, poor sleeping posture, obesity etc are the main causes of the Low back pain.
VIP Clinic in Louisville, Kentucky is the Best to manage Low Back Pain.

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What is Peripheral Arterial Disease?

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is caused by a decrease in blood flow to their arms, legs, or feet. If left untreated, this systemic, whole body condition can lead to heart attack, stroke, severe leg pain, ulceration, infections, and/or amputation. PAD accounts for the majority of leg and foot amputation in the United States.
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