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Would you like to be famous? In what way?

i90scigrattes’s Profile PhotoIsha Esaje
Being Famous is not what the goal would be,but being credible is always something one would worth try out for !!! Being Famous is not my aim but being successful & achieving in the field... I wanna grow and glow in would always be something special ! And not with the glamour but with the deed and work to flourish and be happy !!! Can be tough to try out for but surely worth millions in credibility but not just finance !! 😊❤️

Cure to your every pain?

BasilMirza330’s Profile PhotoBASIL
Food is the best medicine for everything..! Cook something...crave for the same...and also taste it...and sing write and have a heck of a time..!
Cause nothing can be loved more than food.!!
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Cure to your every pain

What is the best way to express your love to someone?

In the world of lust and desires....why not go old school as you ask the girl of your dreams to close her eyes and kiss that palm...take that to her heart...just as you get on your knees.. with a bunch of roses, a box of chocolates and express how special and how important the girl be to you....sing a song or dedicate a verse..just not to make her smile..but have her trust...to skip the heart beat... and have that vibe you would connect too..! That's something pure and something sublime to express with I reckon ❣️❣️❤️🌟💯

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What's the single best piece of advice you ever received?

Best piece of advice...i reckon stay focused stay calm and slayyy...not to impress but express and get your thing done.. cause there would always be some...who are so much into gossips and attitudes and egos.. they have no clue...people cross them and succeed...and these guys would end up saying ' sab moh maya hai '

Any thoughts on current scenario?

No clue if this can be relevant but something that I wrote....going through the current scenario but yes.... No clue what's been wrong disturbing but i think..we all need to learn being like water....just as it slips through the fingers easily yet has the power to hold the ship when it needs...just like that...sometimes the presence of a presence slips through surely assures you at the back of the mind...that not always there will be the same but a scenario where a person understands what is the depth of every feelings that we have..be it for the person name place animal thing ...what matters is to be in that vibe.. control your emotions cause even we have no clue what our brain has in its store to ask tmw....add up to the best computers but still cant match the wavelength of brain but only you can...perhaps..stop being dependent and feel so low but be an independent and love yourself again.. you'll surely find the right match the right frameset the right aura and the right vibe again..! Losing hurts but not until you be so strong to get your chin up face it and be better than anything❤️

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Post anything u like!!!🤙

thesherylmendez’s Profile PhotoTanvi Sharma
I dont know where the road belongs where the practicalities end and where the emotions start and fade off.!! Am just thankful that i met a mesmerising personality that could always cherish life with a smile and an open heart.! A humour would take up with the feel of want closeness and cherishing the beauty of every essence !! This is what makes you feel like even better of a mindset ; Although valentines is for loved one in mere 7 days down the lane.....valentines is just not the couple of roses and chocolates to the loved once..but cherishing the existing of your loved ones in life ! Am glad what relation we carry or we dont or what close as a best friend or a companion we choose....am thankful for the laughter , the smile , the happiness and the feeling of consignment is enough to cherish !! Happy valentine's week❤😘😇

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Do you agree that loneliness can be addictive and therefore dangerous?

mahnoorshaykh’s Profile PhotoMahnoor.
Loneliness is not something that is addictive but something that just comes along as a phase where you lost out on those special one's to cherish..! Loneliness although addictive but its the feeling of losing that special one which one leads to distance from others..! But surely there's no one to be lonely....as they always have themselves to lead the way.! And once you take it on positives...the world is up for the grab and taking and lead your life along..and then comes that special one and gets you a magic...lonely naah..that would lead you to the only term of happiness ♥️♥️♥️😊

Happiness is.......... ?

thesherylmendez’s Profile PhotoTanvi Sharma
Happiness is when every moment happens so right that it feels that had been made for you.!!! No matter be it a smallest of a thing to biggest of an achievement..happiness is the success that one gets after the hardwork and struggle paying off.! Not just that but a soulful journey of ups and downs that gives you the result is what happiness is.! Deep down when your heart beats and there's nothing one can not cheer about .all you get a feel of is something Extremely special enormous and special happening in there and that's something which gives you the best of the feelings ! Happiness is just that..where it starts with the humour and happiness and ends with a S which is the most important....YOUR SMILE❤️😊✔️

Something u never get tired of...#staif

thesherylmendez’s Profile PhotoTanvi Sharma
There's nothing to get tired about when you have a cheesecake around ?😛😛❤️ Make sense like the sweetness in cream and still be cheesy to have a perfect charming feel..! Aint less than a soul of life...that keeps beating as you taste the way you love...all you get is pleasure and privilege..!😛❤️❤️❤️❤️
Something u never get tired ofstaif

Do you believe things happen for a reason?😶

thesherylmendez’s Profile PhotoTanvi Sharma
Every thing that matters is what makes you think... when the subconscious answers its something one just cant ignore and leave..! And yes believing into something for a reason is only if that truly matters to you. ! And about things ...i think whatever is destined would happen..whatever is not..it won't.. believe in what are the positives.. rather that thinking about all this.! Rest..just peace out and go with that flow❤️😊

Do you believe in miracles?🌸

piyyuu’s Profile PhotoJivika
I hope to manage and bring a miracle in your life.. Cause life's never tough.. It's just the phase.!!
A life with an aura of beauty and elegance.. A life with a charm and sheer class.... It's something that just can't be express...you crave your life you crave you moment..you crave your love you crave happiness...but there always lies a sorrow at the back..you be the moon I be the sun you be rain I be the snow...bur what we all be in the end....that's just a part of unknown...there lies a God who rules the world...there lies a Demon that thrives against him..if he faces the challenge then why can't we.? If we be the reason to praise and smile....then why can't we be the saviour to him?the world never goes past your anxiety it makes you learn of what you matter and not just the pity! Face the world not to mesmerize but to suffice a reason that you make one a happy place to live and not just flaunt! that can rule the world and be the reason for the existence of world... The reason for a mankind to be born... It's just not a feeling of respect for a mother not just by production but also by her soul.... Nevertheless it's her and the smile.....that we crave for in the end!! Go for it mate....chase what you deserve and not just falter cause if God faces the challenge and solves one? Why cant you..?? Just go for it!!!! ♥♥😘

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If you left your current life behind and ran away to follow your dreams, what would you be doing?

Deep down the valley there lies a small town... Just like the heaven with a cloud spread all around.! An epitome of beauty and flamboyance of nature... All that lies is soulful life and water.! Don't dream a certain dream but lead it to truth cause that's where you evolve being a dreamer..! You need a sky you need a mood... Cause limit is not what a sky sets but it's all upon you! Don't let the star glaze but you glaze on your own.. Cause that's what makes you leave your current life and achieve greatness.!! Live life to the fullest.. Cause you only have one... Don't stop dreaming cause you'll be chasing none but achieving all.! Don't leave your life but evolve cause that's what makes you follow your dreams being a dreamer.!! 😇❤


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