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Lightsabers: if either everyone in the world had one or nobody did, what would you prefer? Weigh the possibility of millions of stupid people having them against all the fun you'd have using one.

Ahh, what a dilemma. I mean, if everyone could have one, maybe it would be like how guns are today. You have to be licensed to have one, and are primarily used for self defence and occasional recreation. Initially, there would definitely be some idiots running around with them, but if everyone had one, the appeal would probably wear off

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One hundred black holes open up around the Earth and suck it into an alternate dimension where plants are the dominant beings and they harvest entire fields of humans for sustenance and other uses, after liberally coating them with pesticides and fertilizer. How would you forge your new life there?

Obviously, start an uprising or uh...uprooting of humans, and destroy the plants, and take over these black hole planets!

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If you slept on the top shelf of a triple-bunk bed that had no protective rails on the sides, would you be afraid of falling off the sides while you slept or are you a sleeper that hardly moves?

I had a bunk bed once, and I had the top bunk, however a triple story might be a little intimidating. I don't move at all when I sleep. I stay curled up in a ball the entire time.

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Over a hundred answers. Do you feel accomplished? Ready to make it to a thousand in one night? Desperate for more maniacal inane bizzare questions? In case your answer is "hell yes," then good. If not, tough.

I don't know if I have the energy for a thousand! But the magic in that is that you can trash my inbox with thousands of questions, but who knows if I'll answer!

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How many bullets would you need, taking whatever level of marksmanship you have to account, to dispatch thirty slow-moving zombies attacking you? Assume they start at thirty feet to the south and the wind velocity is a calm three miles northeast.

Ooh, I would say a good 35. Just to cover me in case of an emergency that I could not pin all 30 with one bullet each. Though, I'd rather go the melee route than a gun. Too noisy.

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You wake up to find that all the doors in your house no longer have doorknobs or handles. On a scale of 1 to 10, One being very convenient to Ten being most annoying thing ever, how would you rate it?

Hahaha, I'll probably go with a 7, just considering I have a dumpy little sister who will find it humorous to knock the door open when I'm using the bathroom or something where I need it closed/locked

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A mustache-twirling villain takes you back in time and ties you to train tracks somewhere in California. A train approaches. In what stereotypical will you be rescued and the villain vanquished?

Well if we're talking stereotypes, I'll go with a lone ranger coming out of nowhere on his horse at the last minute, untying me, and the villain can either retreat in shame for a part two, or he can be destroyed by the train that was once my terrible fate

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