The Verge tells us that Gamergate is dead, killed by the very mainstream media exposure it craved. Between the front page of the NYT condemning it, and Anita appearing on Colbert, it's clear the misogynists are losing. My question is: what do you think? Is it true?

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What "misogynists" are losing? Perhaps the ones #GamerGate has put a vast amount of effort into reporting? Yeah, I could say those ones are losing. As for #GamerGate though, it is far from dead, we are stronger than ever and it is all thanks to the mainstream media that *tried* to kill us. Understand that gamers have been insulted by the mainstream media countless times. This is nothing new to us, we can handle it. What's happening now, though, is that we are saying "enough." Personally, I believe that #GamerGate can and will continue to move on to push for ethics in more mainstream media because the corruption has gone on long enough. Ethics in games journalism in merely the start. As a side note: I watched Colbert's interview with Anita and found it to be very void of content and full of entertainment. Colbert is a fantastic comedian, I have been watching him for years, and I've seen him get very serious in some interviews that created very interesting, in-depth conversations. His interview with Anita was not one of those interviews.

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so I've recently been campaigning to get Jim Sterling on the drunken peasants podcast, the idea being T.J. and company change Jim's mind on Sarkesian, Gamergate, feminism, quin, etc. A intervention of sorts, could you do me a solid and spread #Jimsterlingmeetsdrunkenpeasants , thank you #Gamergate

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