So when the fight does come to the mainstream media, how do you think the public will react to death threats being leveled against the likes of Jessica Williams, or Gretchen Carlson, or Padmini Prakash, or Andrea Tantaros?

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There is no guarantee that that will happen, at least, as a part of #GamerGate. These people, being large names in mainstream media, have likely already received their fair share of death threats. Also, let me say I'm am somewhat confused by your lineup here. Jessica Williams is a comedian with Comedy Central, Gretchen Carlson and Andrea Tantaros are reporters for Fox News, which is part of Williams' job to make fun of on the Daily Show. Meanwhile, I do not see why Padmini Prakash would have anything to do with #GamerGate's goals. As for the Fox News ladies, I believe that Fox News *is* very corrupt and as such, they would likely be under a lot of criticism along with the rest of the station.
The thing is, it matters not what the media says about us, because if anything, it makes us more suspicious that they have something to hide. Mainstream media will fight tooth-and-nail against journalistic reform, and we will just have to fight back just as hard if not harder. They can claim every troll on the internet is connected to #GamerGate but that doesn't make it true, and that's just it. We have the truth on our side. All that needs to happen is for the public to, on a large scale, start questioning the media.

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