Some other responses to my query: I can't shake the feeling that the reason I got these responses in this way is because I'm a white heteronormative male. I feel sick to my stomach at that thought. If I were a woman, or trans, would I still get this respect?

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Definitely. I've never seen supporters of #GamerGate answer honest questions rudely, regardless of who asks them. I myself have asked questions on subjects I was unsure of, and have always been met respect and fine answers to my questions. I have seen people within #GamerGate be rude to people who have been rude to them, but I feel that is a different story.

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so I've recently been campaigning to get Jim Sterling on the drunken peasants podcast, the idea being T.J. and company change Jim's mind on Sarkesian, Gamergate, feminism, quin, etc. A intervention of sorts, could you do me a solid and spread #Jimsterlingmeetsdrunkenpeasants , thank you #Gamergate

Holy shit stop sending me asks about gamergate faggotry or I'll just block you.

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