Ask @vivienistheocean:

why are you never in geo ??? or any other class do you even go to school

"never"? do you even know what the word "never" means? and your observation skills must be insanely horrible if you do not realise I go to school. that's ironic, isn't it? you seem to care so much about me yet you don't seem to have eyes to see shit. mind your own business and focus on your own studies. why don't you man up and stop asking 'anonymous' questions? at least have the guts to do that :p hahahhaha.

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I don't know what you've been through. But i know what you are like. How you act. And it's fucking annoying. Stop being fake.

Haha, well since you don't know what I've been through, how do you know how I ever was? And since I move countries so often, I doubt you've known me more than a couple of years so you should really stop wasting time on telling me how I should act because really, you should care more about yourself dear :)

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