Ask @vladwinchester954:

What one thing do you really want but can't afford?

Die!And a good vocal teacher, a good musician, who can write beautiful music in different genres. I also want to go to Ibiza in Spain, where there is a lot of drugs, girls and fun. But most of all I want equality of people, a kingdom without kings! But while all this is not, I need to continue to swing this world to the desired amplitude!

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Post your most favourite lyrics?

Let's rock this world
Your city is two-faced beast,
It will open the door for you by day,
And it will declare to you at midnight.
That you are the enemy!
You are enemy for those guys, who look for fights,
They don't give a damn who is a coward, and who is a hero
The city hides in its depths packs of wolves.
But there we are!
Let's rock this world, where the filthy feast is in its height.
Spirit of violence is rushing into the house
Violence is rushing into the house
Let's rock this world
Whether wolves or we
There is no place for weaks, no place for weaks
The eyes are shining in the darkness,
There is no hesitation in them, but passion.
The wolf pack is about to attack
There is a goal for them.
You are alien, you are anxious.
There is a fear like a steel needle in your heart
You got everthing, even God is powerless here.
But there we are!
One teases at first, but doesn't beat
One chases at first, but doesn't tear apart
The night is an ally of the wolves
And you flee as fast as you can
But that moment is inevitable
The dead end will fade your scream
And there is no chance, you are alien here.
The beast howl prophesies your death.
The day has flashed, the pack has disappeared
And the calm light shines in your eyes
Their sisters and mother caress them
But as soon as the night covers the city with its darkness
For those guys you are the fierce enemy again
The city hides in its depths packs of wolves.
But there we are!

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