Ask @voicedance16:

Who is your idol? why?

-ypc because they are doing so much at changing lives & providing so many opportunities for people through music and beyond
-Juliana because she’s a phenomenal musician and she’s so dedicated and passionate and also one of the most wonderful people in the world
-the entire cfa broadway cast, especially jenn cause they tell such a powerful story and are all amazing performers, and seem so down to earth and i need to meet her/all of them...

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If you had a chance to replay one moment of your life, what would it be?

all of CME 2016 but if you mean a specific moment (like, not an entire week) it would be:
-when i saw Francisco and Elizabeth after the ypc concert
-when i met Loren at ooti stagedoor and also when I heard her sing waiting for life
-when Juliana and I were wearing the same scarf
-the moment that cfa started
-and more

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