Ask @voicedance16:

list 10 facts about yourself

1. I’m from ithaca, ny
2. I have a cat and a dog
3. choir is my biggest passion
4. i love musicals/broadway
5. my top favorite shows are come from away and dear evan hansen hansen (but also a lot of others)
6. thai food is my favorite food
7. ypc is my favorite music group
8. i’ve been to austria and scotland
9. I want to go to italy and spain
10. i know songs in over 30 languages

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Favorite color, favorite song, favorite book, favorite band, favorite clothes?

color: lavender and aqua
song: sililiza, la sopa de isabel, waving through a window, me and the sky, others i can’t choose
book: imperfect harmony
band: uhhh ypc...
clothes: my ypc t-shirts & fleece, chorale vest (even though i never get to wear it anymore 😔), and my cfa and deh shirts

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