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Какой у тебя любимый русский (или советский) фильм? Сделала бы по нему видео?

На ум сразу пришли "Прогулка" Алексея Учителя и "Возвращение" Андрея Звягинцева.
Видео вряд ли бы стала делать - не смогла бы через короткий клип отразить то, чем они меня зацепили.

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hey I really like kylo ren and your video is absolutely amazing Could i get your permission to put it on website weibo and bilibili ? i promise i will send you the link and mark the author


Thank you so much! Yes, sure, I'll be glad if you share my video on weibo and bilibili :D

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hi! i'm sorry if it was already asked but i wanted to know how did you manage to change steven clothes' color in the lunacy - captain america video to black? did you make it frame by frame using photoshop or color corrector? thanks and sorry for the long question!

Hello! There are a few ways to achieve this effect. I use Ranged HSL effect from Magic Bullet Looks plugin. But I'm pretty sure you can do it with the Color Corrector (Secondary) in SV.
I saw this tutorial recetly, I think it might be helpful:

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Привет! У тебя великолепные видео, давно хотелось выразить за них благодарность!) Скажи, есть ли у тебя возможность перезалить видео lonely boy про Сильвера и Флинта? Одно из фаворитов, а оно, к сожалению, заблокировано :(

Jane Morgunova

Спасибо большое! Ютуб его заблокировал, я перезалила на вимео:

View more Просто чтобы была в курсе :( Случайно нашел.


Ого! Спасибо, что скинул! Никто из нас, к сожалению, не защищен от такой фигни, чего поделать :(

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Your vids are most certainly my favorite things on Youtube!! I actually do a little editing myself, and I'm wondering how do you extract sounds from films so perfectly that they would match with the songs? When I do that there's always background noise I can't get rid of. Thanks! I love you somuch<3

Heya! Thank you so much!!! ♥♥♥
Just a few tips for sound editing:
1. I recommend you to download your video source with multi-channel audio (look up for the details of the video - the sound should be DD 5.1), so you could remove the background music.
2. Watch for the beat of the song - match the impact sounds of the video source (like kicks and gunshots) with the peaks of the song track. If there's no accented beats in the song, use the most stressed parts of the lyrics to synchronize with the moves (and general "flow") of your video.
3. Don't add too much volume to the sounds of your video source (or additional sound effects if you're using them) - it will sound messy.
4. If you're using dialogues that are too quite - lower the volume of your background music a little bit, so you could hear the dialogue properly (you can see how I usually do it on the screenshot).

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best evolution of the character?

John Silver from Black Sails
from annoying little thief to the Pirate King

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Hi! Because of your Rowdy 3 edit i fell in love with Dirk Gently. I would love to edit it but I can't stand logos and no matter how hard I try i cannot find the show logoless, so I was wondering where you downloaded it from?

YAAAAAAY! That's so great to hear! I'm really happy that I could bring this amazing show to your attention with my video! :-D
Try to search the logoless version here:

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твои видео просто охренительно крутые. я еще не видела таких охренительно крутых видео. а с кэпом гидра это вообще как будто кто-то в мою голову залез и вытащил шедевр. спасибо огромное <3 люблю

Вам спасибо за теплые слова!!! ♥♥♥ С ГидроКэпом как-нибудь в будущем еще хотелось бы сделать видео, но это нужно собраться с духом :-D

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I thought I could live without your Lonely boy video. But I can't. You are too good and I love you, and I love and spread to the world the rest of your works, but I'm a junkie of you, and it's never enough. I am asking: what do you want from me to give It back? Money? Sex? Worship? Sorry I'm creepy.

Flora Fe

AHAHAHAH OMG!!! :-D thank you!
youtube blocked it for some unknown reason, so I've uploaded it on vimeo, you can watch it there!
By the way I uploaded it for the first time exactly two years ago on March 7th 2015! Idek why youtube decided to block it now, it was perfectly fine before

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Is there a show you want to edit, but you can't? (because watermarks, bad quality, don't have a time and etc.)

I would love to edit something with The Man In The High Castle, but I can't because the subject is too delicate? Like I don't know how to edit it and not to make it too controversal.

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future projects?

yet another Star Wars project I'm struggling to finish

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do you have a favorite movie director and why

David Fincher, cause his movies always have the most special atmosphere and the most amazing characters (plus he always chooses scripts with rather extraordinary plotlines). Seven, Fight Club, Gone Girl, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Social Network are amongst my favourite-movies-ever list.

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(in your opinion) Best video you made this year?

maybe it's not my best video, but it's definitely a favourite video made by me this year:

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Hey! Sure I saw it, I also made some additional manips for this video, like the one with Bucky and Hydra logo and some others. It was really fun to make!

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What a piece of work in video editing you like the most?

Synchronizing stuff to the music beat! especially making sounds of the video source to merge with the song like they were there in the first place.
This is my favourite example:

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Top 5 best new tv shows?

1. Westworld
2. Westworld
3. Westworld
4. Westworld
5. Westworld

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Hi! i love ur videos. I'm getting into editing but I'm having a struggle thinking how vidders save each clip and/or how do they know where each clip is located to find it easily when I need them in my next project. Do u get what i mean? How do you store your clips or what's your method? Thanks! <3

Heya! Like how to find a certain scene in a tv-show with a lot of episodes?
I don't really have any method. Most of the times I just remember where the clip that I want is located. If we're talking about tv-shows - google can help you find the right episode with the scene you're looking for.
If we're talking about finding a certain scene within a movie (or one episode) - peaks in the audio track can be helpful. Like when you have your whole episode/movie in front of you in the project - look at the audio peaks. If you're looking for the quite scene - there will be low peaks, if you're looking for an action scene - there will be high peaks.

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favorite villain? only tv shows

Oh this is tough question, because there are too many.
Well, first of all of course Hannibal! No need to explain.
Also Negan from TWD rocks it, I love JDM so much, he's a brilliant actor!
And the Master (John Simm version) from Doctor Who will always be one of my favourites.

By the way what I love most of all in tv-shows is a character development.
So when there's a good character who went evil - I will probably gonna love it.
Like Morgana from Merlin. Oh and can I also say that about William from Westworld? Can we call him a villainous character now? I'm still shocked after the last episode.

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I just want to say that you're a big inspiration to me. You have no clue. I'm crazy about your videos.

Minimalist Videos

Oh my god, thank you so much!!! it means A LOT to me
It is so amazing to hear that my videos can actually bring inspiration! I mean WHOA

You see, I'm actually very much adore your editing style. Your choice of short cuts through the video with accents on sounds give me chills. The dynamics of you videos always seem so unique to me

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Hi I was wondering if you're Dutch because of your name. Or does voordeel means something else to you?

kelly ng

Hey! No, I'm not Dutch, it just so happened that I randomly picked up this word for my nickname. I'm not sure what I was thinking choosing this exact word? Probably economics :-D

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What show(s) are you excited about to come in 2017?

The final season of Black Sails (✧ω✧)

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Saddest endings to movies?